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With support from our community, the mission of Stockton Shelter for the Homeless is to compassionately address the needs of homeless individuals and families by providing safe shelter. 


Volunteer Our primary focus is on emergency shelter and basic necessities, but we could not accomplish our total mission without the help and support of everyone in our community. 


The Annual Festival of International Cuisine this year is October 22, 2022. The event starts at 5:30pm. All of your favorite local restaurants in one place serving their signature dishes. You don’t want to miss out on this event!  

Wish List

When people think of Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, usually emergency housing comes to mind first – as it should! However, what many people don’t consider is the day-to-day necessities.

Success Stories

Liz Ybiernas is one happy grandmother seen here with her daughter and granddaughter. We first met her back in 2008 when she was seeking shelter with her 5 children. A victim of domestic violence, they had all been living together at Liz’s parents’ place. But the landlord didn’t want eight people in his home and threatened to evict Liz’s parents if she and the kids didn’t leave...
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Dreams + Partnership = Community Investment: THAT IS OUR BIG PICTURE.





Our clients come into a safe, clean and pleasant environment with lawns, flowers, trees, a playground, picnic tables, and the list goes on. We often take these simple amenities for granted. When you come to a homeless shelter for the first time you don’t know what to expect, and it’s natural to fear that it might not be a good experience. We are able to surprise our clients and guests with the kind of park-like environment that many facilities such as ours simply do not have to offer, and it’s all because of our donors and supporters. Volunteers and Shelter residents work every day to keep our campus beautiful. If you’d like to see for yourself, sign up for the Shelter Tour by calling (209) 465-3612 or e-mail us at info@stocktonshelter.org.

With support from our community, Stockton Shelter for the Homeless compassionately addresses the needs of homeless individuals and families by providing safe shelter, basic necessities and a structured opportunity to regain self-sufficiency.

We envision a community where no one struggles to find food, clothing and shelter.
We envision a community in which every man, woman and child has hope for a brighter future.
We envision a community strengthened by individuals brought together in devotion to the well-being of those around them.

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